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“Since I came across Herbalife through rebecca, my sports performance and post-workout recovery have improved immensely. I also thought that as a woman I would not be able to build muscle, now I know what a balanced diet and good nutrients can do for a person! Marouschka 26 years

“With Herbalife and adjusting my diet, I lost over 20kg and 12% fat after my 2nd pregnancy, and since then much more energetic and fitter.” Rebecca 28 Years

60 cm slimmer —————————————————————

I now know what good nutrition can mean for someone. But every time someone delivers a fantastic result, I get excited every time !! This lovely woman has had the Corona virus quite violently for several weeks, and during this period she has thought a lot about the things she wanted to improve. She knew that overweight people were more prone to this. And did not want this anymore .. And after these intense weeks she has made the decision to work on herself. So that she started to feel a bit fitter, a more active mom, and wants to feel better in her own skin. She contacted me & on May 30 this trip to Result started .. Now we are 18 days further, and we slowly adapt to her eating habits (which turned out, she ate too much, among other things .. combustion was completely stopped) With some minor adjustments and a nutritious and vitamin-rich breakfast, she achieved this result!

18 days healthier life and 60 !! Cm slimmer!

A lot more energetic, less dips throughout the day.
-2 kg weight
-13 cm on waist (stomach)
-11 cm around navel

I am very proud of you! We go on💪

Top result —————————————————————

-18 kg weight
-6 points organ fat (belly fat)
-70 !! Cm slimmer

You started last year because you knew that something had to change somewhere. You wanted to feel fitter and more energetic, and just wanted to lose some weight. We looked at your eating pattern together, adjusted and added some things … and this brings us to this result 👍 The past period has been fierce in terms of removals, surgery etc .. and now we will continue working on your recovery and building up sports (this was not possible before because you had to have surgery first).

Taking it easy and steady has led to this great result!
The start is good !!

Proud of this beautiful result !!

We go on 💪💪


28 years

During the period with my back hernia, I came to rebecca for some energy and weight loss, what brought me the most, that I now canceled my hernia surgery, partly by adjusting my diet and using the herbalife products. Last week I even did another hour of intense sport that they thought I would never be able to do again.


38 years

It was previously a challenge to be able to eat healthy and good food, especially on the truck. Now with this easy breakfast from herbalife, and for example the bars in between, plus all the tips from rebecca, I am fit and energetic on the truck.



Result 21 day challenge


Fitter and less dips

-3,7kg weight
-3% fat
+1,8kg muscle mass



Result 21 day challenge


Feels fitter / more energetic

-3,6kg weight
-1,1% fat



Result 21 day challenge


-0,5% fat
– 3cm

Despite hectic period and still not able to make enough time for himself .. yet results achieved.



Result 21 day challenge


-0.5% fat percentage
+0,5kg muscle mass

Total -14cm slimmer on belly and waist.

Can better withstand unhealthy food and snacks & fully motivated.