YES! Herbalife Nutrition’s official cookbook is finally a fact 🤩 and it is not just any cookbook. The Herbalife Nutrition Cookbook contains a collection of 80 signature recipes from all over Europe & Africa 🌍.

The recipes are backed by science and tested by the Herbalife Research & Development team. There is even a professional chef involved, so that we, together with our customers, can enjoy dishes that taste good and fulfill our nutritional needs. The Cookbook shows the versatility of the Herbalife Nutrition products.

Discover how they can be used as ingredients in a variety of dishes, snacks, desserts and smoothies & drinks. 🍇🍌

HOW TO ORDER? With me!

The cookbook is € 16.25. If interested, let me know (via a message or email) if you want to purchase this book.
Let’s go! Healty active lifestyle 💪🏼