feeding vs filling

feeding vs filling

I notice from the coaching conversations I have that so many people are still unaware of their nutrition. This is something we often don’t learn; unless you are consciously doing it or taking training .. We often eat some vegetables with the evening meal, some fruit as a snack, and occasionally drink a glass of water; that seems to be okay for your body ..🙈 Furthermore, we too often walk around in the supermarket with a shopping cart full of factory food, packed in a lot of plastic and shelf life until 2021..sometimes it has such a funny green tick .. and in terms of ckal it also looks nice ..

Every now and then people make a diet attempt to get rid of all eaten pounds; for several weeks this good- nice result .. and then the motivation is gone or it cannot be sustained (think of a “hunger diet” of 800 ckal) .. And so it goes on;

✔️ Unhealthy and “tasty” food
✔️ too little movement
✔️ and too many excuses ..

Then just put on the plate by dieting for 3 weeks and barely eating. And so this circle keeps going .. Then we have not yet discussed what this has an Impact, and unpleasant consequences this for your body ..

Your body has to work extra hard, to get rid of all “dirty” and artificial substances, your heart has to work much harder to get everything pumped around, every cell and every organ is used extra to keep everything good and “healthy”. can hold in your body .. Imagine; how nice can it be if you

– NO NEED DIET TRY anymore
– You will learn what your body needs!
– no hunger pangs and no more ENERGY DIPS
– You can feed your body according to all needs (sports, hard work, stay stable)
– Your immune system is and remains optimal
– significantly improve your sports results
– Your self-confidence increases enormously because you are super tasty in your own skin
– No longer wake up tired & get through the day energetically

Should my story and these points appeal to you & do you want a non-binding nutritional analysis ??
Send me a message and we will look together at the improvements in your diet & we work on the above results 💪

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